Bias against working mothers

From The New York Times:

The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work

Here is a great article on working moms and the fact that they are denied equal job opportunity even by other women! The bias against working moms is so prevalent and I can attest to it from my first hand experience at Honeywell, Inc., NY, NY. the story is in my book about the fact that companies make a big deal about having women in positions where they can make change and then, when they get married or pregnant, they suddenly don’t know what they are doing; are not concentrating on their work; put their families before their jobs, etc. It is disgusting that this is true today and was true in 1974. That is 44 years later! A generation of adult women who are still going through the same discrimination and getting fired because they are/are becoming moms. Disgraceful.

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