Hot Summer makes you Simmer

Things can get pretty tough at home during the hot summer months.  Tempers flair at the slightest provocation; things don’t go as planned because your car has failed and you have to delay a trip; your exercise routine is disrupted because the kids are home from school and you are taking them to the pool, gymnastics and swim meets, etc.  be sure to take time for yourself.  Try to get at least one hour of exercise for yourself.  It will help your stress stay in control and allow you to be in your own mind for at least a bit of time each day.  If you are working–which is the most likely– don’t feel guilty because your kids are not being entertained.  Get them reading some good books and have a weekly discuss with them about those books.  This will help them next school year and you in that you will see what they are achieving on their own.