It is getting Exciting

Woke up this morning thinking about where I would like to present SuperWomen Do IT Less… Starting with 17-25 year olds sounds like a good place because they are out of school or in their last year of high school and in college or working. Because we all don’t know what we want to do when we get out of high school–or even out of college–the book will give any your woman a good start on making decisions that will impact her whole life.

For women who have been working and are trying to make up their mind about their future: marriage, children, job change, more education, etc.–the book has a wealth of information for transitioning to something new and different; going on a sabbatical from work; changing careers, and this is where you really have to think about your finances and what you are going to do to be financially secure when you retire. I’m assuming that most women want to be financially independent and not wait around for a guy who might be able to support them.