Thinking about leaving your home and striking out on your own because you feel there has to be more to life than taking care of everyone else? You are not alone.

The support you need when making major changes in your life after the children is lacking, but you want to work and need someone to boost your ego and show you the way.

Superwomen Do IT Less… provides first-hand experience on how to blend the competing roles of women: career person, homemaker, mother, and lover.

We are the breadwinners and the bread makers; the chief cook and bottle washers. I represent all of you who have to be all things to all people—a superwoman.

Success can be measured in many ways. It is not wrong to want to be a superwoman, supermom, super worker, super lover—just wrong to not try.

On Self Esteem

Be very sure of yourself and confident of who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Set goals that are reachable so that you do not consider yourself a failure.

Be honest about who you are and where you are going with your family and loved ones.

Make time for yourself--and be selfish when it gets too stressful.

Whatever we do as women, we must do it better—face this up front.

Develop a strong support system: family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers.

Join self-help groups and get involved with women-helping-women.

Do not hang onto tired relationships—they drag your self-esteem down.

Get pets if you need a boost to your self-esteem.

Get a new hairdo. Get a facial and new makeup—even if it is for a day.

We have all heard the jokes...

We have all heard the jokes about the wives with the headaches. Do you think you have the only spouse or spouse equivalent who complains that he or she does not get IT enough?

Are you thinking about taking a break from work to have children?

Are you ready to return to work but want to change careers and are unsure of yourself and your skills?

Thinking about leaving your kids and husband or spouse equivalent and taking off for parts unknown?

Is your body getting flabby from lack of regular exercise but you do not want to take the time/have the time for yourself to get back into shape?

Do you think that nobody appreciates you at work or at home?

Are you being sexual harassed or discriminated against in your workplace because you are a woman in a man’s world?

Have to take time off to care for a sick child?

SuperWomen Do IT Less