Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Rosie Ray

The movie, “On the Basis of Sex” is a really wonderful depiction of what it was like in the 60s and 70s to be a successful woman. She was totally disrespected as were many of us who worked in a man’s world. Just as Hillary Clinton was asked why she was taking up a place in law school that should be for a man, RBG had been the first in her class at Harvard and, as a junior, had to move to NYC for her husband’s career also as a lawyer. Harvard would not let her transfer and work there. Instead, she had to transfer to Columbia where she graduated at the top of her class. She meets the dean of the law school in her pathbreaking case for the rights of men and women who are limited by gender bias and inequality. It happened to me and it can still happen to a woman in the 21st Century. A lot of laws got changed, but there are still state laws such as in Texas and Louisiana where my case was tried and went to “summary judgment”–no day in court, just a bunch of guys making legal decisions–decided I did not have a case in 1992-1996.