Working is a necessity

In my mother’s generation, the woman was expected to stay home, have babies, take care of the house and kids, and keep the man of the house fed, clothed in clean garments, and provided with all the comforts of a family home.

Today, working is not a choice for most of us. It is a necessity for both our sanity and for our financial well being. If you are a single parent, you are working at least one job to support your family. If you are a two-adult with children family, you are both working and the woman is the one who takes the time to go to the doctor visits; pick the children up from daycare, and do all of the other things that the stay-at-home wife used to do. With the cost of living in the 21st Century being very high because income has not kept up with outgo, we do not have a choice of staying at home–not only that, even when we have children, there is no universal USA “family leave” with pay for fathers or mothers. This needs to change.